LinkedIn Can Boost Your Franchise Sales

Find out why and how you should use LinkedIn advertising for franchise sales.

LinkedIn is a powerful channel for franchise marketing – if you know how to use it. In fact, it is among the best franchise sales strategies. In this article, we’ll discuss how LinkedIn can be used to generate leads and boost your franchise sales.

Among other things, LinkedIn attracts people who plan to grow – or are actively engaged in growing – their businesses and careers. In fact, LinkedIn engagement and active usage grew by 26% in Q3 2020 alone. Being a professional networking platform, the platform focuses on building connections for career and business growth. 

LinkedIn users are open to expanding their network and finding new business opportunities. In other words, because prospects are already looking for opportunities here, it makes good marketing sense to run targeted LinkedIn franchise advertising campaigns. 

In addition,  LinkedIn’s targeting tools reach a professional audience with 2× the buying power of the average audience. As one of the best franchise sales strategies, LinkedIn franchise advertising is a leading way to reach your target audience, and to turn prospects into leads.

But how does it work, and how can we help?

LinkedIn Advertising for Franchise Sales

Let’s look at 2 options that our Sparktank team recommends for successful franchise recruitment on LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn Paid Advertising: Native-type advertisements published on the LinkedIn feed that appear as regular LinkedIn posts. Sponsored InMail is another paid option that uses in-app and website messages sent to LinkedIn members. 
  • Sparktank’s LinkedIn Outreach Program:  Sparktank has developed an organic outreach program on LinkedIn that is one of our most successful and cost effective programs for franchise sales. 

LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads & InMail

How do you utilize Sponsored Content Ads for LinkedIn franchise advertising?

They come in 3 different formats: video, single image, and carousel. To make the most of the lead generating potential of sponsored content ads, at Sparktank we use all 3 formats. 

LinkedIn Sponsored Ads are interactive, promoted content that is boosted with comments, likes, and shares. It’s a great way to share valuable information for brand awareness as well as lead generation. This is why we often use LinkedIn advertising for franchise sales.

Sponsored InMail ads is another paid advertising option that uses LinkedIn’s messaging system to send “promoted” messages o your target audience.


Sparktank’s Franchise LinkedIn Outreach Program

Our Franchise LinkedIn Outreach Program uses LinkedIn’s messaging system to send out a series of very personalized messages  to professionals who match your ideal background and qualifications. 

We share your opportunity with 80 or more ideal candidates per day. The messages we write are highly personalized for each contact’s background so that the messages don’t come across as “spammy”. 

As a result we achieve a very high response rate of 10% on average. But, more importantly, these prospects tend to be higher quality and much more responsive than other forms of outreach and advertising for franchise recruitment.  

This is why franchise recruitment on LinkedIn is so powerful.

We have heard time and time again from our clients using this program that they are not only connecting with quality prospects, but they are also closing deals which of course is the ultimate goal.

Start Advertising Quicker; Get Results Sooner 

Why is Sparktank’s Franchise LinkedIn Outreach Program ideal for generating leads for your business?

Think of it this way:

Like with any marketing campaign, LinkedIn for franchise marketing will only be successful if you have defined the audience you’re targeting, created messaging that will be compelling to these specific prospects, and chosen the method of delivery that will give you the best ROI.

And, as with any marketing, you will only identify the combination of these factors that works best by testing.  Our LinkedIn Outreach Program does all this on your behalf. 

Our experts can help you generate and implement smart franchise marketing strategies.

Contact us for a free consultation and to see case studies of our results with LinkedIn for franchise sales: