woman working at a computer designing a websiteA well-thought-out franchise recruitment website is essential to any marketing strategy looking to attract new franchisees.  It’s often one of the first places a prospect will start when researching an opportunity so it’s critical to create a strong image from the beginning.

In the video below we share some strategies we use in the development of our franchisee recruitment websites. This website was created for our client Simply for Life, a nutritional consulting and health food store franchise with 38 locations and growing strong!

The development of a franchise recruitment website – key takeaways :

  • Create a wireframe of the website before you start any actual design work to plan your layout and content flow.
  • Have a strong USP (unique selling proposition) at the top, in what’s called “the hero section” to differentiate yourself from other opportunities and to grab the prospect’s attention.
  •  Include videos about the franchise opportunity. Topics can include a founder sharing their story, a raving testimonial from a franchisee or a “day in the life” video of a franchisee. Video provides an engaging format to tell a story and helps build trust. It’s becoming a “must-have” for websites of all types.
  • Another way to build trust with your franchise recruitment website is to include any awards the company has earned, and several success stories from your current franchisees.
  • What do you have to offer? There are many franchise opportunities out there and just like you’ll be screening them, they are likely screening you.  Things like training, support with location build-outs and local marketing programs are some of the benefits that a franchise should offer. In addition, your concept may offer other unique benefits like a flexible work schedule, multiple revenue streams or yearly franchisee conferences.
  • What is the investment? What qualities does the franchisee need to possess? Disqualify leads that are not a fit from the start by letting prospects what to expect both financially and personally.
  • A strong CTA (call-to-action) should always be visible – this is crucial as it’s important to make it easy for the prospect to know what the next steps are. We also recommend offering the prospect a free info kit or access to a pre-recorded webinar to ease them into the buying decision. This is called a “lead magnet” and it allows you to trade the extra resources for the person’s contact details.

To see more examples of our website projects, visit our franchise website services page 

Sparktank Franchise Marketing has extensive experience crafting effective, custom websites for a variety of franchise verticals from food services to fitness to senior care and more. Feel free to contact us to help you create the perfect website for your franchise recruitment campaign.