a year of growth for Sparktank franchise marketing

Happy New Year and welcome to a new decade!

2019 was an amazing year at Sparktank. We had the opportunity to continue work with some of our longtime clients as well as onboard over a dozen new ones in the past year.

With clients ranging from food, coffee shops, grooming, seniors services to children’s entertainment industries, there’s never a dull moment!

We’re excited to continue helping our franchise clients grow with outside the box franchise recruitment campaigns and marketing support for their franchisees.

New Services and Strategies

We’re always trying to come up with more innovative ways to help franchises grow. Here are just a few of the new services we have introduced or are currently working on:

  • Our Franchise LinkedIn Outreach Program has been a big hit with clients and has proven to be an excellent way to engage with quality professional candidates.
  • Email Follow-up Lead Nurturing campaigns are such an important component of a successful franchise recruitment campaign so we developed a full package to implement that for our clients.
  • We are also working on developing a chatbot program for our clients’ franchise recruitment websites to make the most of the website visitors are campaigns attract.
  • We’ve found that video gets the best engagement in our digital campaigns so we are integrating more and more of those in our ads.
  • Many of our clients have started using our local marketing programs to generate business for franchisees. From grand opening programs to ongoing marketing, these programs help franchisees generate more business. The results have been quite impressive!

Sparktank Highlights

furthering skills by taking cat howells academy

The Academy Training

Juliette, Sparktank founder, took Cat Howell’s “The Academy” program which focuses on helping agency owners grow their business and also gives Sparktank access to a very high caliber of digital advertising experts that are in the group and share ideas daily on their FB group.

New Social Media and Communications Assistant

We brought on our fabulous new social media and communication assistant Crystal who is handling our posts and newsletter.

Client Grand Openings

We attended a few grand opening parties for our clients – helping to welcome new franchisees.

Podcast Features

Juliette was featured on several podcasts in 2019:
Franchise Interviews
Tom Scarda’s “The Franchise Academy”
The Relationship Rules Podcast

Giving Back to the Community

As always, we’ll be making a donation to Kiva, an organization that we love to support because of their mission to provide loans to entrepreneurs and people in need across the world and give them a chance to improve and make a new start.

Happy New Year! Looking forward to another wonderful year and wishing you success.