Franchisee Recruitment Website

The average potential franchise buyer is likely to spend just under an hour on your website, reading many pages in the process. But what does this mean for your franchise marketing strategy?

To start with, it emphasizes the important role great copy, video content, and intriguing graphics play in grabbing and securing their attention. The buyers want to feel as though they understand what the brand offers, with many of their initial questions being answered before they ask for more information. In essence, the website needs to tell them an enthralling story that convinces them that your brand is the one to invest in because it offers a long-term, sustainable and profitable opportunity.

In order to ensure the best franchise lead generation is achieved, your website needs to seek out the best candidates whilst also allowing them to find you. The website then needs to captivate them in a way that makes them want to speak to you to find out more – think of it as if you’re dangling a carrot of temptation in front of them.

Identifying Your Target Audience

As your website is going to be the first point of call for many potential franchise buyers, it is critical that you know exactly who your target audience is. You’ll need to identify key factors including age, gender and location so that your franchise online marketing reflects this and is directly aimed towards those you want to buy into your brand.

Establishing what they will be looking for will allow you to maximize your franchise marketing and will assist in securing their attention from the get-go. Presenting them with information that outlines the values of the franchise, what being a franchisee will offer to their lifestyle and what investment they will get out of it are initial points they’re going to want to see before they inquire further.

The Key Factors in Successful Franchise Marketing

Below are just some of fundamental elements that are integral to franchise recruitment websites and are essential in any franchise marketing strategy:

  • The addition of a microsite where additional information is provided for prospective clients and where many frequently asked questions are answered.
  • Use case studies and/or videos to share the success stories of your clients.
  • Show the franchise buyer the benefits that they will receive through informative investment information, team information and with additional details on the franchise marketing plan and training they will receive.
  • Use a drip campaign whereby emails are sent out to those who have left their emails for further information.

Maximizing on Increased Traffic to Achieve Franchisee Recruitment

As a franchise organization, you’re going to need to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s when it comes to franchise online marketing. Using, PPC campaigns on Google AdWords, improving your SEO (search engine optimization) and boosting your social media presence are all crucial components when looking to achieve successful franchise marketing.

Having this online presence establishes you as a forward-thinking company and also provides further communication portals for potential franchise buyers to get in touch with you. Integrating all of these methods along with a successful franchise marketing system on your website will enable you to achieve the best results. For example, a ‘like’ on your Facebook page is invaluable when it comes to building interest and hype around your brand, and as many potential candidates will carry out extensive research into your brand, a social media presence will drive enhanced franchise lead generation.

Feel free to contact us today to see just how we can help you to improve the franchisee recruitment process for your organization.