When selling franchises, video is one of the most powerful (yet often ignored) tools in your marketing toolbox. The misconception is that you can’t create effective, professional-looking videos on a small budget. This is untrue – and we’ll show you why.

Firstly though, is it really worth spending any of your marketing budget on videos for franchise advertising, no matter how big it is? The short answer is, Yes! Marketers swear by video.

Why Videos are so Great for Selling Franchises

While written content and images are still essential for a well-rounded marketing strategy, videos have a unique ability to convey emotion, personality, and authenticity that other mediums can’t always match.

  • Videos are engaging: They combine visual and auditory elements, which makes them more immersive and entertaining than written content alone.
  • Videos can tell a story: In just a few seconds, videos can take viewers on a journey, connect with them emotionally, and inspire them to take action.
  • Videos build trust: When viewers see that you are real, they feel like they know your brand on a deeper level.
  • Videos are versatile: The same video (or bits thereof) can be used for a variety of purposes, from advertising on social media, to showcasing at franchise expos, and even during sales pitches.

It’s clear why video franchise advertising is popular and powerful. The good news is that you can create effective videos for selling franchises, no matter the size of your budget. Here are some examples, and the pros and cons of each.

Professional Videos with a Bigger Budget

Professionally-produced videos are polished, but they require more resources and a larger budget.

  • A&W With real footage of real stores, we ensured that this video showcases how the franchise works and the support that franchisees receive. Because testimonials are as powerful as word of mouth advertising we included interviews of franchisees, providing a glimpse into their personal experiences and successes. Bonus: we created a number of shorter video clips from this footage for social media ads.

Sparktank recommends video for franchise advertising

  • Mary Brown’s gives you a franchise walkthrough experience. It’s a feel good tour that showcases the brand’s home-grown Canadian values, quality of food, and the support provided to franchisees. The call to action is strong: Are you ready to join the Mary Brown’s family?

Big Budget Video Pros:

  • High Quality: Generally of a higher quality in terms of production value, camera work, sound quality, and visual effects.
  • Professionalism: Convey a high degree of professionalism, which can help build trust with potential customers and franchisees.
  • Talent: Hiring professional talent for on-screen performances, voiceovers, and soundtracks can enhance the messaging and engagement level of the video.

Big Budget Video Cons:

  • Cost: Can be very expensive, which may not be feasible for newer franchises.
  • Time: Take longer to produce, which could delay a campaign if you’re on a tight timeline.

Personalized Videos with a Smaller Budget

In order to let your customers know about your franchise opportunity, you can create promotional material that will appeal to this exact target audience.

New and emerging franchise brands may not have the budget to invest in a professional video crew. However, this does not mean that you cannot create personalized and captivating videos. With the help of AI and a free AI video editor you can create a personalised video without having any experience in video editing.

Instead of trying to compete with slick-and-expensive video productions, aim for a grassroots feeling. People love authentic videos – especially on social media.

  • DocuLock is a very successful business that is in the early stages of franchising. The owner is very personable and sincere, and comes across as trustworthy on camera. He shares his passion and invites people to connect with him directly. The video is not polished, but it is authentic and engaging, making potential franchise leads feel like they are getting to know the owner personally. A video like this can be filmed on a smartphone, significantly cutting costs.

selling franchises with video

Small Budget Video Pros:

  • Affordability: Can be very affordable and accessible to businesses with limited resources.
  • Authenticity: Have a more authentic feel that can resonate with viewers who prefer genuine and relatable content.
  • Flexibility: Can be produced more quickly and can be easily updated or modified as needed, which can be beneficial for businesses that want to stay agile and responsive.

Small Budget Video Cons:

  • Quality: May not have the same level of production value, camera work, sound quality, or visual effects as big budget videos, which may not be as engaging to viewers.
  • Limited Resources: Businesses with limited resources may not have access to professional talent or equipment, which can limit the quality of the video.
  • Brand Image: If a lower budget video is not done properly, it may give the image of a less established business which may affect the franchise’s brand image.

Leverage the Power of Video for Franchise Advertising

According to a report by the International Franchise Association (IFA), the franchise industry in Canada generated $96 billion in GDP in 2019, with over 1,300 franchise systems in operation. Meanwhile, the franchise industry in the United States is a significant contributor to the economy, employing over 8 million people and generating over $800 billion in economic output in 2020.

With such a competitive market, franchises need marketing campaigns that stand out from the crowd. Video should not be overlooked as a powerful tool when selling franchises.

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