New Franchise Website Design - WP Creations

WP Creations, a franchise company with over 30 locations across Canada, needed to redesign their franchise website to give it a more modern and professional look and to focus the messaging on  the unique benefits of this franchise opportunity to encourage inquiries.

1. Copy to Suit the Brand

One of the most important aspects of a website is the messaging. As experts in franchise sales marketing, we understand what information franchisee prospects are looking for. It's important to share the mission of the brand as this will inspire the right prospects to want to be part of your franchise family. In addition, franchisees want to know how they will be supported as operational and marketing support is one of the biggest draws when purchasing a franchise. Our writer met with the WP Creations team to gather all this important content and put it together in a clear and easy-to-digest format for the website.

2. Franchisee Video & Media

Media on a franchise website is instrumental to engage the audience and present information in an appealing way.  For WP Creations, we decided to create a franchise video that will be used on the website and in social media ads. This video highlights the benefits of owning a WP Creations franchise in a captivating fashion. We also added video testimonials from WP Creations franchise owners to build trust and brand credibility. We chose to use more "day in the life" images of franchisees to give prospects a sense of what the business entails.

Watch the video here!

3. Steps to Ownership Map

Our team of experts created an aesthetically pleasing infographic on the process of becoming a franchisee. By laying out each step, the prospect would likely find this process more feasible and tangible, thus increasing their interest in the opportunity.

4. Form Leading to Info Kit and Email Follow-Up Program

All of our franchise opportunity websites are designed with "conversion optimization" in mind. This means that we design the site to make it easy and clear for the prospect to take the next steps. Offering the info kit in exchange for filling out the form is a great way to encourage website visitors to take the next step. This is called a "lead magnet".  Additionally, it is critical that once a prospect fills out the form, they get put into an email follow-up program that shares additional valuable information and success stories over a one-year period. Our writer put together a 15 part email sequence that goes out to anyone who fills out the online form. Many prospects need time to take the plunge into franchise ownership so a lead nurturing program is essential.

5. Responsive Design

The design of the website is one of the most important aspects of the website. If the viewer is not satisfied with the way the website looks, they may leave and that could be a potential lead lost. Similarly, browsing on mobile devices has increased so websites need to be compatible with these devices. We created a responsive site that would adapt to the size of the device screen.


After completing WP Creations' franchise sales website, we got the opportunity to continue their great new look on their main corporate website.  The newly redesigned site was not only modern and appealing, the flow of content and buying process was reworked to make the online buying process much easier for customers to navigate!

We worked through a completely customized redesign of every page and even re-wrote some of the website copy to make it more up to date. Their location section was also re-organized and redesigned to generate more business for their franchisees.


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