Why is franchise digital advertising better with video? Find out how to use franchise video to improve your digital and social media advertising with franchise sales.

To reach the widest audience, your marketing strategy must include digital. And, to be competitive, your franchise digital advertising must include video ads.

Read on to learn more about franchise videos and how to use them in your franchise digital advertising campaign. This includes franchise social media advertising.

What’s so special about franchise video ads?

Here are some reasons to include video ads in your franchise digital marketing: 

  • Low Cost-per-Click (CPC) 

Narrative videos give more favourable results than static images. You can experience up to a 3% lower CPC than with static images. Researchers are still trying to find the exact reason why the CPC is lower but in the meantime, enjoy the lower recurrent expenses of your franchise video.

  • High Click-Through-Rate (CTR) 

In 2020, the median CTR for static ads on Google Search was 1.55%. The average Facebook CTR was 1.11%.  

In-app video ads have already proved to be successful making it a technique to consider incorporating into your franchise social media advertising campaign. Studies have shown a CTR of at least 1.8% for mobile in-app videos is possible.

  • Better Conversion Rate

Marketers from digital advertising companies have revealed that video ads on Facebook result in 20-30% more conversions when compared to their static image ads. 

Lead generation

But, what does low cost-per-click, high click-through rate, and better conversion rates really mean for you? 

Lead generation: franchise video ads improve qualified lead generation.

Working with a video team that understands what motivates prospects

Developing videos for franchise sales needs to be done by a company that understands what motivates a candidate to want to purchase a franchise. Things like the allure of being your own boss, getting the support from a successful team, building equity and having more freedom are just some of the benefits that should be addressed in a franchise marketing video.

The purpose of the video is to hit a nerve emotionally with the prospect in terms of presenting something they want in their life. This is precisely what will make them click on your ad and fill out your inquiry form. 

At Sparktank, we have produced dozens of these specific videos using imagery and messaging developed specifically for each client. Below are a few examples that illustrate a few of the key components that make up a successful franchise sales video.

5 Tips for compelling advertising videos

Here are some of our top tips to creating compelling sales videos:

1. Help them visualize their future

Seeing franchisees doing their real jobs helps people to imagine what their lives could be if they owned one of your franchises. If you use models instead of your staff or happy customers instead of models, the video will feel like a recommendation from somebody they could trust instead of just another advertisement. 

Here’s an example from a franchise sales video made for a growing fitness brand:

franchise sales video

2. Share the benefits

Videos that show how having a franchise will improve the franchisor’s life are great motivators. Many people dream of leaving the 9 to 5 of corporate life, but need to be reminded of the upside of taking action and investing in a franchise. Some of the most compelling benefits of investing in a franchise are: 

  • building equity
  • being your own boss
  • having more freedom
  • getting the support from a successful team

Your franchise video can inspire prospects to take action. For example, Sparktank created an ad for a Seniors franchise brand that challenged their ideal candidates to change their lives.  

Plus, we followed this messaging with the reassurance that the franchisor would be there to support them in this journey:

franchise video support

3. Use text overlays and subtitles

Remember that sometimes people watch videos on social media platforms, like Facebook, with the sound off. To convey the essence of your video, use simple but interesting subtitles and text overlays so the viewer can follow the content of the video by reading the text.

4. Video length and follow-ups

Videos of about 30 seconds capture audiences between the age of 30 and 54. This is normally the age bracket of your target market so keep this recommendation in mind.

Prepare a range of franchise videos and get them ready online. Plan the order in which you think potential buyers will ask questions then provide a link at the end of every video to go to the next video. If a potential franchisee needs more information a follow-up video could be available.

5. Make Your Call-to-Action (CTA) Clear

Your franchise video must have a clear CTA. If you want potential franchisees to visit your website and fill out your inquiry form, they must know where to find it. End every franchise video with details on where they can get more information. 


learn about video ads for franchise sales

Video ads for franchise sales

At Sparktank, we use video to focus on your target customer by helping them visualize their future and the benefits purchasing a franchise will give them. We also pay attention to technical aspects of creating video ads, like text overlays, subtitles and the ideal video length.  And, last but not least, we include a compelling reason for them to contact you without delay. 

Our experienced team will build a marketing campaign that suits your franchise’s needs. Contact Sparktank now for a free consultation