People going through a transition period, particularly in their career, are often more receptive to franchise ownership opportunities. We wanted to find a way to reach people looking for work AND who had specific professional backgrounds that were a good fit for our clients’ franchise opportunities. This led us to develop the Sparktank Job Seekers Program.

With specialized copy and a carefully designed landing page, we’re able to attract job seekers and encourage them to consider a franchise opportunity as their next career move. We’ve had an excellent response to this program in terms of volume and quality of leads as well as attaining a very competitive average $29 cost per lead.

In the video below, we show you a behind the scenes look at what goes into creating our Job Seekers Program.

0:01 Hey, this is Juliette from Spark Tank Franchise Marketing and I just wanted to share some information about a new and exciting program that we have been working on over the last year with a few of our clients.

0:12 It’s called our Job Seekers Program and it is a program for franchise sales lead generation. And what we are trying to do with this program is to reach out to people who are in a transition in their lives, looking for work, looking for a career change.

0:29 People that are in that stage are often more open to the idea of opening a franchise. As we know it’s not easy to find people who want to make the financial and, you know, change life change commitment to owning a franchise. 0:44 So we’re always trying to find sort of outside of the business. Outside the box ways to find people who might be open to that idea.

0:49 So what we do with this program is we reach out to people who again are looking for a job, a career change.

0:57 We can do a certain amount of targeting with this so we can go after people with specific professional background. So for example, if it’s an educational franchise, we can go after people with an education background.

1:08 Maybe we want to go after people in hospitality. Maybe it’s just people with general management skills. And we can also target people in specific cities or countries.

1:18 You can you can get fairly granular with with the targeting for the geographic targeting. So how this works is again we reach out to professionals looking for work and one of the things that we really like about this program is the cost per lead is very competitive.

1:36 So we’ve seen an average cost per lead of $29, which is quite good for franchise sales compared to other forms of marketing.

1:44 We also find that once we launch these campaigns, the response is pretty quick. We are always tweaking the campaigns to kind of improve things as we go along, but we do find that the response is pretty immediate.

1:56 And the other thing that we’re really cautious of is making sure that the people that are applying do understand that is a franchise opportunity.

2:03 We don’t want your salespeople being bogged down with calls from people who are really just looking for a job. So how we address that is by creating a landing page that really clearly explains that it’s a franchise opportunity.

2:16 So I’ll show you an example of when that we did for a client. So. Over here. Here. So this is e supply Canada and they have they were looking for people with more of a sales background and they are a janitorial and office supplies franchise.

2:34 So what would happen is when the person sees the opportunity, they have to go to this landing page where they it’s really clearly explained that this is a business opportunity. So you can see the headline is “more than a sales job build your future” and then we say thank you for reviewing our sales entrepreneurship opportunity.

2:56 We are reaching out to sales professionals. Professionals are considering a career transition about an opportunity to own your own business.

3:03 And there’s mention of owning your own business and franchise in multiple spots just to make it super clear. You can see again here own your own business.

3:10 It talks about owning business owner here again franchise. So this top area is really to kind of explain that that’s what this is about.

3:20 Then we use some of the content from their regular landing page. So we built this page for them, but we use some content that shares the benefits and so on of the franchise opportunity once we’ve explained what it’s about.

3:32 There’s also financial information lower down. So again, they really understand that this is a business investment.

3:41 So, then they’ve gone to come down to the bottom part here. They really understand what this is about and then they can apply.


The ultimate goal for our job seekers campaign is to use a specialized job ad and landing page to reach people who are actively looking to make a significant shift in their career. This lead generation strategy is excelling for layering with other campaigns as a way to reach more qualified people at a low cost per lead. Click here to get in touch and learn more about this effective program for your franchise.