I’m always trying to think of innovative and effective ways to better serve our clients. Usually this involves researching new marketing channels or ways to reach and nurture quality leads at a lower cost. With a lot of trial and error, we’ve managed to generate thousands of leads for the brands we’ve worked with.

But getting leads is only part of the franchise development process. Those leads need to convert into sales. Not a simple task given that buying a franchise is a life altering, high ticket decision.

No matter what, franchise sales require time and investment. The standard ratio of leads to sales hovers around 1% so finding franchisees will always require patience.

But in my 9 years of specializing in franchise sales marketing, I’ve found a distinct difference between some of our clients who report that they cannot get leads to move forward while others share that leads are progressing and eventually turning into sales.

Naturally, I want all our clients to be successful, so this became a puzzle that I wanted to solve. My hunch was that, in many cases, the sales process was to blame for the lack of results some of these brands were facing. But hey – I’m a little biased so I reached out to a few of my most trusted, experienced (non-marketing) franchise expert colleagues to get their take on this issue.

It turns out I was about 50% right. They agreed that if clients did have a good stream of leads coming in, sales were often the culprit. But of course, you need to have a desirable offer to start with. Here are the 2 factors everyone seemed to agree on:

1- Your need to have a really great offer.

No matter what, the business opportunity needs to appeal to buyers. That means that your numbers need to look good and you should have successful franchisees to validate your concept. You should offer a strong support system – not only on the operational side but also on the marketing side. Prospects are going to do their research so all of these elements need to line up for them to feel confident moving forward.

2- You need a kick-ass sales team to handle your leads.

If everything in point 1 lines up and you have a good amount of leads coming through the pipeline, you’ll need an experienced, dedicated and motivated franchise sales person/team handling those leads.

Many brands will have someone in-house handling franchise sales. This could be an employee, an assistant, or sometimes even an owner or executive. But in many cases, they are unprepared for the challenges and the unique nature of franchise sales. Franchise sales requires a very specific and systematic process to bring leads to the finish line.

So for those clients who have a great opportunity but not the kick-ass sales team, I decided to develop our new franchise sales programs.

These are add-ons to our lead generation programs and offer the expert sales support that many of our clients have been asking for!

1. Franchise Sales Kickstart Program

Have a dedicated, motivated team member ready to handle leads but want to make sure they are doing it well? Our Franchise Sales Kickstart Program pairs them up for one-on-one training with our highly experienced franchise sales expert to develop a customized process that highlights your unique selling proposition and walks prospects through a tried and tested approach.

2. Franchise Sales Done for You Program (COMING SOON!)

Looking for an expert team to handle the leads from the first call to the finishing line? Our expert franchise sales team will work with you to fully understand your brand, develop a customized process, and handle the entire franchise sales lifecycle.

I’m very excited about these new programs because I believe they will help close the gap on the franchise development process. Plus, I know our clients will be in good hands with the seasoned team of experts we’ve assembled to lead them.

‘Cuz after all, more franchise sales = more aspiring business owners dreams come true and who doesn’t like that?

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