In the competitive high ticket arena of franchise sales, persona marketing is the key to increasing buyer engagement. But what exactly is a persona, and why is it such a game-changer in franchise marketing?

When customers see your ad, the first question on their minds is “how does this relate to me”? After all, they’ve just sifted through hundreds of ads, all clamoring for their attention. So, what will make your ad stand out to them?

The simple answer? Personas. An ad is much more likely to grab someone’s attention if it is tailored to them specifically.  Persona marketing is very powerful.

What is a Persona?

A persona is a detailed profile of your ideal customer or target audience. It is based on not just demographic data such as age or gender, but also psychographic information. Franchise marketing agencies analyze this data to form an in-depth understanding of who is buying a particular product or service. That’s because an ad addressed to a married woman in her 40s will look very different to one tailored to a male college graduate. Everything from the marketing message to the colors and images will be adjusted to their preferences and interests.

Shaping Persona-Based Ads and Landing Pages

Let’s take a look at some more examples of what shapes persona-based ads and landing pages:

  • Professional background: Narrowing down a professional background to specific skills or goals can greatly influence your marketing message. For instance, individuals with strong business and management skills may well be drawn to investing in a franchise to secure their future.
  • Life stage: Parent, retiree or graduate – identifying your persona’s life stage gives an idea of their current situation, needs and aspirations.
  • Motivations and pain points: When you understand your target audience’s motivations and pain points, your services or products can become the solution to their problems.
  • Information sources: Understanding a persona’s preferred information sources—whether that’s social media platforms like Instagram or LinkedIn, traditional media such as TV and newspapers, or digital platforms like blogs and podcasts—allows marketers to increase their ad’s chances of being seen.

Real World Examples of Ad Personalization

Math Tutoring Franchise for STEM Professionals

For a real-world example of how personas are utilised by franchise marketing agencies, take a look at an ad we created for an established franchise brand that focuses on math tutoring.

Once we identified that people with professions in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) were much more likely to be open to this opportunity due to their aptitude for math and the franchise’s own success with this target group, we created ads and landing pages to suit a STEM persona:

Sparktank Franchise Marketing agency STEM persona marketing

Right away you can see why STEM professionals would be drawn to this ad. By beginning with a success story the persona can relate to, the message of the ad is clear and straightforward: a former bioengineering professional became a math tutor and so can you! The target group is also called out directly in the graphic to grab attention.

In addition to making ads relevant to a persona, it’s important to pinpoint any objections they may have. In this case, a STEM professional may feel intimidated by their lack of teaching experience. This is addressed directly in the ad with the line: believe it or not, you don’t need teaching experience to be a math tutor! This helps build confidence in their ability to take on a business like this and moves prospects closer to clicking on the ad.

When you click on the ad, it takes you to a landing page that further expands on the messaging that relates to this persona:

STEM persona marketing by Sparktank Franchise marketing agency

Here, the persona can see impressive success stories that actually make the opportunity seem achievable. Rohita and Shaharyar’s stories are real life examples of a STEM professional’s peers that have achieved success with the franchise opportunity. 

Home-Based Franchise Model for Stay-at-Home Moms

Let’s move on to another example of a persona-based website/landing page. This landing page is for a home-based franchise model that attracts a lot of stay at home moms with young children:

Home-Based Franchise Model for Stay-at-Home Moms

What immediately captures the attention is the smiling young woman holidng a baby, an image this persona can identify with. 

Next to the image, the text targets the persona’s goals and their life situation. It focuses on the ability to earn income while having a flexible schedule which will appeal to a parent who is juggling raising a child with wanting to build a business.

persona marketing for home franchise

As with the first example, this page features a couple of success stories which are very impactful with franchisee prospects. Their stories are personable, relatable and inspiring to this particular demographic. Why? Because they highlight details that are relevant to this particular persona, such as providing an income, flexible working hours and training.

Identifying your target market using personas is an important part of building a successful franchise sales marketing campaign. With so many franchise opportunities available, it’s critical to identify a brand’s ideal prospect and focus marketing efforts on reaching that persona.  In our experience, we’ve found that the more targeted and relevant the messaging, imagery and outreach is, the better the quantity and quality of leads.  

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